Extreme Hope Makeover: Meet Family #1

HOPEmatch is currently matching 4 families in need of a “Mini Room Makeover” with project sponsors who will help us complete the work. We’re currently trying to raise $1,000 to completely fund these projects and make our families feel a little more comfortable in their homes!

Meet Family #1

This family, a single mother and 2 boys ages 5 and 8, were homeless for over 7 months. They lived place to place during that time and the places where they stayed would not allow the boys to have any toys or anything to play with. The mother found a job and has secured a home for them. In January, she was involved in a car accident and it resulted in her bladder shifting. She will have to have 3 surgeries to repair this problem. She is concerned about how everything is going to work out. Since this is the first time in a long time that her sons have their own space, she wants something nice for them so they can enjoy their new room. They love the Avengers and got Avengers bedding for Christmas, so we will do the room around that.


Do you have any ideas for creating an Avenger themed bedroom? How would you decorate or organize this space? Please comment your ideas, or send us links pictures and pins!