Extreme Hope Makeover: Meet Family #2

HOPEmatch is currently matching 4 families in need of a “Mini Room Makeover” with project sponsors who will help us complete the work. We’re currently trying to raise $1,000 to completely fund these projects and make our families feel a little more comfortable in their homes!

Meet Family #2

This family consists of a single mom and son. After her husband left, she has had a hard time knowing how to keep up with the maintenance of the home. Her and her son love the home and want to live there for a long time. She is needing her porch sealed and trim boards painted, as well as the caulking replaced in her bathroom. There is also a need for her to have a dying tree removed from her yard that is at risk of falling on her house. We are excited to help out with these projects that will be a big blessing to this family. They are so appreciative!


Do you have any ideas for beautifying a front porch area?

Comment and let us know how you would spruce up this home!